Accreditation Process

The accreditation process embodies the principle of natural justice. All applicants are required to:

  • Commit themselves to work to the industry code of practice
  • Agree to abide by government requirements in areas such as industrial relations, work health and training
  • Provide full and accurate information regarding their business structure, resources and past performance
  • Agree to an assessment of their financial capability by an independent financial consultant
  • Agree to CAL staff obtaining information regarding their business's activities from other parties

All information received by CAL (except for the applicant's financial information) is referred to an assessment sub panel, which decides on the level of accreditation to be offered. If the decision is not what the applicant has sought, he or she has several opportunities to have the matter reviewed. Accreditation then takes effect when the necessary fees have been paid. Each business's accreditation is subject to annual review, to ensure that standards are being maintained. However, the contractor may apply for a variation at any time.